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Social Commerce In 2024

There are many layers to digital marketing. When it comes to social commerce, digital marketing can open the door to many opportunities.

Depending upon the industry of service providers or product offerings... the strategy for marketing is different. But, all desire the same result, sustained Growth!!

You could be missing out on a $1.3 trillion marketing opportunity? Let's look at facts and data.

When you think about buying something, where do you typically start?

Maybe Google?

And maybe you end your purchase on Amazon if it is a product.

And if it is a service, you’ll end up on someone’s website.

But where do you spend a lot of your time each day?

According to DataReportal the average person spends 2.5 hours a day on social media.

And there are 4.8 billion people on social media according to Search Engine Journal.

Even though social media may not give you the engagement it once did…

There is still a lot of money to be made on it.

Social commerce (selling on social media) is huge.

In 2023 TikTok made an estimated $20 billion from social commerce.

And the most popular networks for social commerce according to eMarketer:

Facebook – 19%

Instagram – 12%

YouTube – 9%

TikTok – 8%

Snap – 6%

Pinterest – 6%

X – 5%

Whether you love or hate social media, you should start selling your products and services on social media.

And don't worry there is nothing wrong with selling to your followers.

Getting likes and more followers is cool, but what's cooler is making money.

"So don't just be captivated by engagement be propelled by conversion's!"




-search engine journal



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