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5 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

LinkedIn is a professional network that can be very useful for your company as a marketing tool. Today we’re going to explore 5 of the most powerful LinkedIn tools for small businesses and how we can utilize them to take our existing marketing journey to the next level.


This function is very simple, allowing you to post events that can be viewed by contacts within and outside your network. You can include your own events and also find events that might interest you. This application is divided into 4 sections:

• Events Home - This section presents the events related to your network or niche.

• Find Events - Allows you to search for events that you may find interesting.

• My Events - In this section the last events you've attended and next events you’re planning to attend shows.

• Add an Event - This is the section where you can add an event.


This is the most common application or function within LinkedIn. Anyone can create a group with a particular theme to initiate discussions, share news and post jobs. Group is a perfect tool to increase visibility in your niche market. Today there are more than 350,000 groups and an average of 5,000 newly created every week.

There are hundreds of powerful groups to join in terms of quality of content, the size of the group, user engagement and in almost any niche whether it is social media, leadership, marketing and so on.


LinkedIn is also known as a search engine that can find profiles and job postings. But few know that it can also become a tool for finding potential customers. Many companies use LinkedIn simply as a contact database. At the top, we can easily view the search bar, but we don’t realize that it can also perform advanced searches.

LinkedIn also gives you the ability to use operators like (AND, OR, NOT, (), “”) to find exactly what you were looking for. This operator trick will always give you accurate results and by using this you can find and contact almost any person or company.

SlideShare Presentation

SlideShare is excellent for browsing and creating presentations. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, which lets you access through millions of presentations or create your own. SlideShare has become one of the most popular tools for sharing multimedia content.

Do you have any presentation you feel especially proud? This application under LinkedIn lets you incorporate these presentations on your profile, helping to increase your credibility and clarify your area of expertise.

LinkedIn Q & A

In this section, you can raise potential questions and also provide your knowledge by answering questions posted by others. This will also increase your credibility and you’ll stand as an expert in your niche.

Wrapping It Up

As we know LinkedIn has over 400 million members in 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn users include executives from all countries and virtually all companies. Every reputable company uses LinkedIn for marketing, why not you?

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