The Benefits of Press Releases and How It Will Accelerate Your 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies

The Benefits of Press Releases and How It Will Accelerate Your 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies

Press releases are alive and kicking, even in these times of new media, press releases have been adapted to help companies get valuable publicity for their message. Today, press releases still help companies to get media coverage and also can provide benefits for search engine optimization or SEO which is a single most important part of the digital marketing strategies.

Benefits of Press Releases

  • All businesses can benefit from the distribution of press releases. No matter what industry you are and no matter how small or big your company is you can benefit with the distribution of press releases.

  • Most companies write their own press releases. The only expense is when hiring a service distribution of press releases to put this product into the hands of the key members in the media. But this is cheap as compared with paid advertising. Distribution of press releases is almost always the cheapest option.

  • Press releases are important, especially for small businesses. It’s a great way to get the attention of journalists and over time, they begin to trust you more and give you greater media coverage.

  • Press releases can get you tons of traffic to your website. About 80 million people check the news on the internet.

  • Investors are aware of the news too. Press releases can be used as a powerful tool to attract investors. Keep in mind to establish an online press room to your website where investors can navigate.

Accelerate Your Marketing Strategies with Press Releases

Until a few years ago, writing a press release and send it to a few well-known journalists with the secret hope that it’ll get accepted as a source of information, it was something usual and necessary. These days, the press has become an important part of the strategy of marketing, but the route has changed. You do not need to have a PR department that is dedicated to the task, the Community Manager takes over and spreads information not only to the contacts, but also to the general public through social networks.

Press releases have always been used by companies, especially to present their work to the public and are almost always done by traditional media such as print, radio or television.

In the case of corporate press releases, these can be further spread by digital channels, and a variety of online distribution services available in the market. There are many websites that’ll help you to promote press releases and can save both time and money. Some of these sites have the advantage that they are associated with large media, so that the distribution and publication of the press releases is virtually guaranteed.

With all that difference, the press release should follow the same precepts of quality, creativity, opportunity, interest and good writing that occur in the content marketing.

To make a good press release is to know what will be the purpose of it. As it is not a direct mail, you must touch a subject that really interests the bulk of the population online and has some benefit for people and it should always be on the current subject.

The press release should create confidence among the media, but also among potential consumers. It must be written in a fun and creative way.

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