The Rise And Fall Of Music Sales

It has been my observation that there has indeed been a great decline in music sales since the install of Digital Streaming Subscriptions as well as mix tapes. However, anything that has the power to take you down has more power to bring you up! We use mix tapes for good all the time!

There is always a light within it all. People that are gifted often get discouraged because of the lack of support for them when it comes to their music. In the Indie world ... Investors are swayed by the lack of revenue that it produces. But, all hope is not lost! What has to happen is a thing I call Creative Retention.

Creative Retention is when the artist along with their management team determine how to create elements to retain new fans and engage current ones. I like to do this through many forms of digital marketing. Structuring a format that best meet my clients needs at the same time balancing by engaging the current fan base. We are living in a curent market that is a DIRECT TO CONSUMER market.

That can be good for some or negative for other's. It truly will depend on what the client and team produce together for a consistent push to their direct markets. Then there is managing the push. Project Management so that the entire ship is upheld in a fashion that when things change... and I promise you they will change, the entire ship is safe! When I say the entire ship that would be the construction of the ship and the people on it! Marry the Principles Not the Methods. Methods Always Change Principles rarely do. Most importantly Do What You Love!! And Create Good Classic Music!

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